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Only Boxes

Freshest Quality

Each order is picked and packed at the farm specifically for you, as close to shipping as possible, assuring you the best quality. By using our transportation, we are able to keep the “cold chain” intact throughout the trucking process—all the way to your door.

Great Pricing

By building on our strong, long-standing relationships with the farms, we are able to offer some of the lowest prices your will find in the market.

Easy ordering

Order as late as Thursday for Monday shipping to your store. There is no easier way to purchase the freshest product available while saving you time and most importantly, money!

Extensive Selection

We allow the growers to post their entire availability, which gives you access to shop from one of the most extensive fresh-cut flower and botanical listings in the country. Take advantage of the many search and filtering options to easily find exactly what you need.

Our Service

A few simple and easy steps

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If you are a farm, we will work together to keep update the information of your stock of flowers.

All the farms can apply free to publish their stock with us, only you have to send all the information about you and your products.


If you are a distributor, you will receive the farm stock information as soon as we get. 

You just have to suscribe to our mail list, and thats it! When you are ready you can place a pre-order. 

How we work?

We use all the technological tools to ensure the Security of the information and communications. Behind all of this virtual services exist professionals who works with this tools.  We don't use any Artificial Intelligence or automatic responses programs, we think that working this way we can help to keep peoples job.


We use mail just for formal information and comunications.

You can email us now to


We use one app to communicate with all the world. This is an application that you can use on mobile, desktop and web, for Secure messaging, file sharing, voice calls and video conferences.   Call us Now!.

Search for  @flowerstock to contact us.

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